Monday 16 November 2015

Beginning to Smalltalk - A Beginner's Smalltalk Tutorial series

I'm hoping this blog will become an ordered sequence of tutorial posts.  They're intended for people just beginning Smalltalk.  Perhaps even beginning to learn how to develop applications for desktop computers.

Smalltalk is wonderfully cross-platform.  I write my own applications on Windows on a PC, and on Linux on a Raspberry Pi.  As I write them, I am completely relaxed that they can be used by people who prefer Apple Macs, and it's perfectly possible to write applications that run in a web-browser.

I'm personally working on writing Smalltalk applications that manage, control and distribute multi-platform mobile apps written in JavaScript.

I've been making posts for myself in the Smalltalk in Small Steps blog.  Generally little 'aha' moments, or "I really must keep that filed for later when I need it" posts.

My plan is now to tidy up those posts, put them into a sensible sequence, and verify they are useful on several different Smalltalk platforms.

I hope they'll become more generally useful to the Smalltalk community.  Most importantly, I hope they'll become useful to the potentially much larger audience of people who don't know much, if anything about Smalltalk, and who are interested in knowing more.

If this blog is useful to you, I'd be very interested to hear from you about your own plans for learning Smalltalk - why you want to learn it, what you want to do with it, and how you get on with learning it.

It's a fabulous learner's language - and once you know Smalltalk, it makes it easier to understand the deeper patterns of object-oriented work you might do in Java, Objective C, Ruby or Python.

Good luck!

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